Climate Assessments

We Help Your Community Become More Inclusive

The Hinderlie and Associates Equity & Inclusion Climate Assessment is a mixed method study and written evaluation focusing on organizational diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as related themes. Our Assessments are available to independent academic, nonprofit, business and governmental institutions. The voices of community stakeholders are captured through individual meetings conducted in person and on Zoom, constituency focus groups and open meetings and an anonymous online survey. In addition, we analyze archival and current documents and observe the community environment to formulate our equity and inclusion climate assessment.

The Hinderlie and Associates climate analysis combines both first impressions—as might be seen from the point of view of a prospective parent, employee or customer seeking an inclusive environment—and as reported by a broad sampling of the organization’s community. We include recommendations for further growth, consistent with best practices targeted to the specific academic or organizational niche, and with the mission and stated diversity and inclusion goals.


For the purposes of our assessments, we follow the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) framework, in order to address the experiences and outcomes for the community. The assessment process involves a look across the breadth of the community to measure progress toward equity, diversity and inclusion. Closely related to the Hinderlie & Associates assessment dimensions, the EDI domains include:

  • Leadership and Infrastructure
  • Psychological Safety
  • Inclusive Policies and Practices
  • Cultural and Emotional Intelligence

We draw upon our experiences as research-practitioners, psychologists, administrators and program developers to achieve a deep understanding of your community. In light of this informed view of your environment, we recommend effective best practice solutions and programming to help you move forward.

Stage 1 - Pre-Assessment Data

  • A review of the website admissions and/or Human Resources materials;
  • A selection of historical publications and documents;
  • Available demographic statistics
  • A review of the institutional structure and DEIJ leadership.

Stage 2 - Climate Assessment

  • A site visit, meetings and focus groups
  • An online survey administered to constituency groups by Hinderlie & Associates and
  • A series of Zoom meetings, conversations and follow-up emails.

Stage 3 - Analysis, Results and Recommendations

  • Hinderlie and Associates provides a series of comprehensive reports addressing the various groups of community stakeholders.
  • Reports include specific recommendations and resources to help the community move forward.
  • Hinderlie and Associates works with leaders to effectively roll out the report and recommendations to the community.

Stage 4 - Implementation Hinderlie and Associates works with the organization to strategically plan the implementation of the recommendations through consultation and training