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Workshops for Students

Empowering Workshops that Affirm Identity

Here is a sample of the workshops we offer:

Unapologetically You

Students learn to fully embrace the identifiers that make them unique while also gaining a deeper appreciation of their peers' similarities and differences. As students develop a deeper understanding of their authentic selves they can build stronger and more supportive relationships across difference.

Navigating High School while Loving your Melanin

A clear understanding of one’s identity helps adolescents successfully navigate the social and academic challenges of high school. This workshop encourages students of color to embrace radical self-acceptance that will help them find success now and in the future.

Beauty is the Beast

This workshop helps middle and high school girls decode the unattainable American beauty standards that set unrealistic expectations for girls' appearance. Girls will learn that these impossible expectations, which are fueled by the media, are a beast that needs to be tamed.

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